So I am attempting to pass Element 1 of the amature radio exams. I have passed Element 3 and will hold a General Class license when I pass Element 1. Passing Element 1 is a real pain in the rear. I don't intened on ever using CW but am required to learn it because of an international treaty. I expect this to change in 2003, but I can't wait that long ;)


Woo Hoo, I passed Element 1 and now hold a General Class Ticket

Update #2

Passed Element 4, I'm now an Amateur Extra

If you too are struggling with Morse Code, here is a little mp3 file that might help. It goes through the characters A-Z and 0-9. Each character is repeated about 10 times. Your first step is to learn all the characters. Listen to the whole sound of each character. Do not count dit's and dah's. Once you think you can send, get a program that can create QSO's on the fly. This will help you get your recall speed up.

These characters are 17WPM. This is what VE's are using now for 5WPM exams. The characters on the test are spaced out to 5WPM. The characters in this file are spaced out to 7WPM.

Have fun and 73 DE KE4PJW